Whitewater and Gateway

The Whitewater area is zoned, approved, and ready for growth, with available sewer and water to many areas.

“There’s been plenty of planning done in Whitewater,” said Linda Dannenberger with the Mesa County Planning Department. “Clifton Water is ready for growth; there’s a sewer district. Land’s End Fire has been formed as a taxing district. CDOT did a highway access plan. We put a land use plan in place with zoning.”

The only thing missing from the pro-growth agenda is people who are committed to living or opening businesses in the area.

“There’s so much land that’s ripe,” Dannenberger said. “We need someone to develop a piece of property.”

This property near Gateway includes two acres, a three-bedroom, two-bath home with 2,540 square feet, gorgeous landscaping that includes 17 raised bed garden boxes, amazing scenery and a secluded location next to West Creek. Linda Kramer with RE/MAX 4000 is listing the property for $549,000.

Dennis Krueger, a Colorado businessman who represents a small group of partners who purchased their first parcel of land in Whitewater in 2009, would love to be that person who develops a piece of property. His ownership group owns two separate parcels totaling about 25 acres. He envisions that one parcel would be primarily commercial, while the other one could be residential.

“My subdivision is fully approved and engineered, construction bids are in place,” said Krueger, whose plans include a road that loops through his commercial proposal. “If I build the road it may limit what someone else has in mind.”

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