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Tips for selling real estate in Grand Junction, Colorado

Selling your home doesn't have to be stressful! Follow our tips to ensure a smooth and (hopefully) quick sales process.

1.  Staging - Staging your home is crucial to its sales success! This Houzz article lists 21 tips for staging your home to sell. Included are some of particular importance: get rid of clutter, keep the house clean, and make sure your curb appeal is on-point. If possible remove unnecessary items from countertops, take extra photos down off the walls, and make sure there is just enough, but not too much, furniture in each room. 

2.  Know your home's value and the values of other homes that have sold in your neighborhood. There are plenty of home value calculators available online, but you may also be able to gauge the value of your home by checking the values of recently sold Grand Junction real estate near you. Your realtor will also be able to provide information on home values in the area and the prices of the most recently sold homes in your neighborhood. Pricing your home at the right price the first time around saves time and hassle later on!

3.  Choosing your realtor - it's hard to choose the person responsible for selling the place you've called home. This Forbes article covers some questions to ask when interviewing realtors (yes, we recommend interviewing several), and we'd also add: 
 - How do you plan to market my home? What is your marketing strategy? 
 - Do you provide photography? Who takes home photos? Do you have examples of their work?
 - What improvements can I make before we put the home on the market? (Realtors may make staging suggestions, de-clutter suggestions, etc)
 - What is the average time on the market for a home in my neighborhood? 

Finally, make sure to get referrals or check out testimonials like the ones on our home page, before deciding on a realtor. Remember to ask questions, even during the contract process to make sure you understand everything from the time your home goes on the market to the time you hand over the keys.