Northeast Grand Junction

The northeast part of town continues to be an affordable area for housing, with ongoing new construction in several neighborhoods and plenty of existing housing. While some retail areas in the northeast are seeing vacancies, others are seeing bright spots on the horizon, with new tenants and new life bringing new services to area residents.

Brett McGlothlin, the owner of the Planet Fitness franchise that will be opening in Teller Arms Shopping area on North Avenue, worked for quite a while to secure the location for the gym. 

“I started working on the deal in November of 2014,” he said. “I absolutely wanted the location; it puts me right in the middle of town.”

McGlothlin also owns a Planet Fitness facility in Aurora, and when he bought that franchise, one of his conditions was that he would be given the option to open up a second gym in Grand Junction.

Planet Fitness gyms offer memberships starting at just $10 per month, and that membership includes small group classes that start out early in the morning and go on all day.

A Planet Fitness gym is getting ready to open at Teller Arms shopping center on North Avenue. Owner Brett McGlothlin is excited about the North Avenue location and was willing to work and wait for two years to get this location in an area that he thinks is highly visible and underserved.

Although it took more than two years for the deal to finalize and come through, the wait was worth it for McGlothlin.
“I could not give up that location, it was just too great,” he said. “That’s a fantastic location with a lot of history.”

The location on North Avenue was also a huge attraction for Advanced Auto Parts, which purchased an old building, demolished it and then build a brand new store at 2893 North Avenue. The store was on schedule to get its certificate of occupancy last week and should be ready to open soon. It will be the second Grand Junction store for the company.
The auto parts store was guided by the city’s new opt-in standards for North Avenue, which encourages buildings to be close to the street, with a detached sidewalk. Parking is either in back or on the side of the building according to the building standard, which is not a requirement.

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