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Five Things to Know about Grand Junction

Living in Western Colorado
Posted by VCK Group on November 22, 2021 in  Grand Junction
For many people east of the Mississippi, the concept of a "high desert" is new. When I first moved here I had no idea what Western Colorado looked like. It was a brand new and beautiful place to me.  Many aspects of life are different here as compared to living in the east. So, here are five things to know about Grand Junction, Colorado.  1. Water is valued. In the east rain is plentiful most of the time. Everyone's gardens get watered, the creeks are full, and the trees are green. No one questions who t... read more
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Exterior improvements that add value to your home

Posted by VCK Group on November 05, 2021 in  Selling a Home
If you're considering selling your home soon, or even if you aren't, there are several ways you can make small but mighty improvements to the exterior of your home.  If you ARE looking to sell, then these improvements can not only add value but also make it easier to sell your home quickly. First, consider your landscaping. A nicely landscaped yard with a few hearty trees and desert xeriscaping, is beautiful. When photographed potential buyers will be able to see an easy-to-maintain but lovely yard. ... read more
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Small Kitchen Improvements

Posted by VCK Group on October 21, 2021 in  Grand Valley Living
Finding an existing home with exactly everything you want is possible, but it's rare. More often you'll find a home with most of the things you want and a few things you can accept.  It's possible you want to do some renovations to the home you've purchased too. In some cases, it may be that everything is great about the home you want to buy except the size of the kitchen.  A small kitchen is NOT an insurmountable problem! It's possible to make small kitchen improvements that maximize the storage and use ... read more

Fall To-Dos for Homeowners

Posted by VCK Group on October 08, 2021 in  1st time buyer
If you've purchased (or built) your first home this year, you may not know the things you should do this fall to prep your home for winter. That's why we've made a quick list for you of 10 fall to-dos for homeowners. First, fall is a great time to replace the filter in your furnace. Replacing that filter once a year helps to improve air flow and keeps your heating costs down. Next, if you purchased an existing home, take time to check all the doors for any escaping air. This is a great time to install wea... read more
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Tips for Home Buyers

Buying in a seller's market
Posted by VCK Group on September 20, 2021 in  Grand Junction Real Estate
Though the market seems to be slowing slightly, in Western Colorado we are still in a seller's market. There aren't a ton of homes for sale, and the ones that are are getting sold quickly.  Price are up and time on the market is down. So what's a home buyer to do? We've got some tips for home buyers looking to buy in a seller's market.First, consider areas with slower price growth. Generally, in Grand Junction, areas like Orchard Mesa, the North/Southeast 81504 zip code, and Clifton have slower price growth th... read more
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