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Learn more about our neighborhood schools
Posted: December 26, 2023 by VCK Group

Welcome to Grand Junction! Those of you clicking on this blog are more than likely curious to know where the nearest schools are in the neighborhoods you have been house hunting in. The location of your child’s school is important to consider. So, we have listed some of the local schools, from elementary to high school. 

Elementary Schools

Orchard Mesa: 

  • New Emerson: This elementary school is located on 2660 Unaweep Ave. The school has a high rating on academics and teachers. 


  • Wingate Elementary School: Located on 351 South Camp Rd. Highest rating in this area.

  • Broadway Elementary School: The school is on 2248 Broadway. 

Downtown Grand Junction:

  • Pomona Elementary School: Located on 588 25-1/2 Rd. This is a great school off Patterson and near downtown suburban neighborhoods. 


  • Monument Ridge Elementary School: Closest school in the Fruita area. Located on 1501 K4 Rd. 

  • Loma Elementary School: Loma is on the outskirts of the Grand Junction area, but the school has a good rating and is smaller than other schools. It is located at 1360 13 Rd Loma, Co 81524. 


  • Clifton Elementary School: Located on 3276 F Rd. 

  • Fruitvale Elementary School: Located on 2358 H Rd. 


  • Taylor Elementary School: The one elementary school in the Palisade area, located on 689 Brentwood Dr.

Middle Schools

Orchard Mesa:

  • Orchard Mesa Middle School: The new school and improved Orchard Mesa middle school is the main school in the Orchard Mesa area. 2736 C Rd. 


  • Redlands Middle School: Near Broadway Elementary School, located on 2200 Broadway. 

Downtown Grand Junction

  • East Middle School: One of the downtown schools near Grand Junction High School off of North Avenue. Located off of 7th street on 830 Gunnison Ave. 

  • West Middle School: Located off 1st street on 123 W Orchard Ave.


  • Fruita Middle School: Main Middle school in the Fruita and Loma area. Located on 239 N Maple Fruita. 


  • Bookcliff Middle School: In the heart of Fruitvale, off Rd 540 29 ¼ Rd. 

  • Mount Garfield Middle School: Located on 3475 Front St. In between Clifton and Palisade as the main school for those two surrounding areas. 

High Schools

  • Grand Junction High school: Near downtown covering the Orchard Mesa/downtown grand junction area. Located on 1400 N 5th St. 

  • Fruita Monument High School: The main high school for the Redlands, Fruita and Loma areas. Located 1102 Wildcat Ave. 

  • Central High School: In the Clifton/Fruitvale area, located on 3130 E ½ Rd.

  • Palisade High School: In the Palisade region located on 3679 G Rd. 

Caprock Academy Grade k-12

  • Caprock Academy is the number one ranked school in Grand Junction for all grades. The school is a public charter school located on 714 21 ½ Rd. 

For more information about Grand Junction’s schools and the district, visit

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