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Small Kitchen Improvements

Posted: October 21, 2021 by VCK Group

Finding an existing home with exactly everything you want is possible, but it's rare. More often you'll find a home with most of the things you want and a few things you can accept.  It's possible you want to do some renovations to the home you've purchased too. In some cases, it may be that everything is great about the home you want to buy except the size of the kitchen.  A small kitchen is NOT an insurmountable problem! It's possible to make small kitchen improvements that maximize the storage and use of your kitchen without breaking the bank. 

small kitchen improvements

First, if you can, go vertical. Add more storage by adding cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. You'll be able to store lesser-used items like that turkey roasting pan, in the kitchen but out of the way. 

Then, consider adding lazy-susan turntables to maximize corner storage space. I have two of these in the corners of my kitchen cabinets and they are wonderful! You can fit so much on these turntables and easily see it all! 

Consider adding hooks for holding smaller pots and pans, coffee mugs, trivets, etc and floating shelves anywhere you can for storing smaller items. Anything you can get off the counters of a small kitchen is a bonus! So if you can install some floating shelves and sit your timer, salt and pepper shakers, and utensil caddy on them, that's great!

Is there a way to add under-cabinet features? For instance, an under-cabinet microwave can be a great space saver. The same goes for under-cabinet paper-towel holders. 

small kitchen improvements

If you have a coat closet nearby, or even a hot water heater closet with room to spare, consider adding a shelf or two here to store appliances like your mixer or bread maker. They're nearby, but out of the way. 

In our kitchen we used the empty space over our sink, between two sets of cabinets, to create a spice rack. This was a blank canvas of space and being able to store spices there, away from the heat of the stove, has been great. 

Finally, don't forget back-of-the-door options. Depending on your cabinets you may be able to add a spice rack on the back of a cabinet door, or add a "shoe holder" on the inside of a closet door to store lesser-used kitchen gadgets. 

Finding room in a small kitchen can seem daunting.  Yet, small kitchen improvements like the ones mentioned above can make a huge difference! If you need help finding ways to customize the space in your home, consider calling Space Creators.   

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