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Living in Western Mesa County

Reasons to love Loma and Mack
Posted by VCK Group on March 06, 2021 in  Western Colorado
If your goal is truly to escape from it all, then living in Western Mesa County is a great option to consider. Loma, Colorado and nearby Mack, Colorado are rural areas with larger tracts of lands than the city of Grand Junction, and plenty of room for horses, cows, and people to roam. It's not just the space that makes living in Western Mesa County desirable, it's access to lots of outdoor recreation and activities too. First, this area is home to a huge array of biking, hiking and horse trails. You can head north ... read more
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Five Reasons to Use a Realtor When Purchasing a New Home

Posted by VCK Group on February 20, 2021 in  Buying a Home
While you may think it will be easier, and save you money, to go it alone when purchasing a new home, we've got five reasons why it pays to use a realtor. First, realtors can help you stay on track with timelines, budgets, etc. If you explain to a realtor that you've been pre-approved for X amount of money, they'll help you find a great home in your price range AND if they see you starting to creep too far above that budget, they can help to curtail that a little bit. Realtors can remind you of dates for ... read more

Living the Grand Life

Posted by VCK Group on February 06, 2021 in  About GJ
Winter in Grand Junction is unique. As a high desert we have a mostly dry climate, but we benefit from the occasional snow storm. So it's no surprise that when winter arrives we both look forward to snow days and also eagerly wait for snow to melt. Our preferred weather model in the winter is sun or rain in the valley and snow on the Grand Mesa. When that happens, we truly get to enjoy desert life. The end of January / beginning of February gave us the opportunity to enjoy all sorts of winter activities in Gra... read more
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Grand Junction's Southeast and Northeast Areas

Reasons to consider Pear Park and the Northeast (81504)
Posted by VCK Group on January 23, 2021 in  Grand Junction
The Grand Junction area is separated into several zip code communities, each with their own attractive qualities. The southeast and northeast areas of Grand Junction, the 81504 zip code communities, are no different. Homes in this area of town tend to be older, ranch-style homes on decent-sized lots. These older homes come with mature landscaping, often room to park an RV, and usually with a fenced in yard. While they may need a little upgrading here and there, their overall sales prices are usually lower than... read more
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What to look for when buying a new home

Home Buyers Checklist
Posted by VCK Group on January 09, 2021 in  1st time buyer
What's important to one set of house hunters is going to be vastly different from another set. Each buyer has their own ideas of what they want, need, and need to be close to. However, we think it's great to at least have a general list of what to look for when buying a new home.  Read on, or download our buyers guide, here.THE HOUSE1. Does it have the square footage and space that you need? Think about your family and lifestyle. Is an open concept going to work? Would you prefer a fourth bedroom or office spa... read more
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