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Fall To-Dos for Homeowners

Posted by VCK Group on October 08, 2021 in  1st time buyer
If you've purchased (or built) your first home this year, you may not know the things you should do this fall to prep your home for winter. That's why we've made a quick list for you of 10 fall to-dos for homeowners. First, fall is a great time to replace the filter in your furnace. Replacing that filter once a year helps to improve air flow and keeps your heating costs down. Next, if you purchased an existing home, take time to check all the doors for any escaping air. This is a great time to install wea... read more
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Tips for Home Buyers

Buying in a seller's market
Posted by VCK Group on September 20, 2021 in  Grand Junction Real Estate
Though the market seems to be slowing slightly, in Western Colorado we are still in a seller's market. There aren't a ton of homes for sale, and the ones that are are getting sold quickly.  Price are up and time on the market is down. So what's a home buyer to do? We've got some tips for home buyers looking to buy in a seller's market.First, consider areas with slower price growth. Generally, in Grand Junction, areas like Orchard Mesa, the North/Southeast 81504 zip code, and Clifton have slower price growth th... read more
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Prepping for a New Home Project

Posted by VCK Group on September 06, 2021 in  Home Improvements
If you've just purchased an existing home, chances are there are some projects you want to tackle.  No home is perfect, and whether you just need to paint a few walls or tear down some walls, we've got some tips to help you prep for a new home project. 1. Enjoy the planning process! Spend some time in your home before you decide on any projects. Make a list of things you want to tackle, from painting the walls in your guest room to adding on that sunroom.  Enjoy this part! Spend time really thinking ... read more

Five Items to Organize your Pantry

Posted by VCK Group on August 29, 2021 in  uncategorized
Fall is almost here and that means school is back in session and the holidays aren't far away.  If you've just moved into a new home and are trying to get organized, you'll want to make sure your pantry is one of the first places you tackle! Because you're storing all sorts of lunch goodies and easy dinner ideas, plus prepping for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, that pantry is going to become a great place to store everything! We've got a list with five items to organize your pantry.First, if your pantr... read more
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August 2021 Real Estate Market Update

Posted by VCK Group on August 09, 2021 in  uncategorized
As we enter August, already, the real estate market continues to be very strong in Mesa County. Inventory is still very low for homes currently for-sale in the Grand Valley. But we have seen inventory increase slightly over the past 9 weeks. As of today, August 9, 2021, we have 353 homes for-sale. Up from 147, 9 weeks ago. We think this is primarily due to Sellers and Brokers continuing to push list prices up and Buyers getting tired of competing for homes in this market. At the current rate of sales, we should hav... read more
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